I initially started learning about bees at a course run by Alan Clemson who was the Head of Beekeeping, Department of Primary Industries.  Bruce White eventually took over this role.  I also attended a course on beekeeping through Open Learning Education.  After that it was practical learning “on the job”.  I was also involved with Neville Cutts who ran the Apiary and School of Apiculture at the Hawkesbury Agriculture College.

My greatest learning experience was when I spent several years working with Mr. Ian deCoursey Dutton and his son Ian at their apiary, Wilgian Queen Apiaries, in Manilla, NSW.  What I learnt was invaluable.

Looking at
Asking why
Being shown how

By a third generation beekeeper who had been involved in every aspect of beekeeping. Mr. Dutton was responsible for me joining the Amateur Beekeepers Association.  He asked if I was a member. “No”, I replied, “what can I learn from them”.  He said, “But what are you going to teach them.
Since I became involved with the ABA I have become aware that some members, who have been keeping bees for a number of years, comment to me that what they learnt in their first twelve months they have been repeating for 15-20 years.  But after listening and watching they realise how little they really know.  

It is obvious to me they just have not had an experienced beekeeper show them the basics of


It has become my passion to teach new beekeepers the right way to be a good beekeeper and not a keeper of bees or honey gatherers.

There are many books for beginners.  However, as most of my learning was from watching, asking questions and being shown how to, I wanted to pass on my knowledge the same way to new beekeepers.  This video is the result of more than 40 years of learning and working with bees and I hope new beekeepers can feel the same and work with their bees with great confidence.


In the DVD we cover all the steps and processes to set up your own beehive.

The Basic Box
The Basic Box - Bottom Board
The Basic Box - The Lid
The Frame & Frame Refurbishment
Lighting the Smoker
The Hive Tool
Hive Inspection - Biosecurity
Extracting Honey
Queen Bee Clipping & Marking
Joining Hives & Swarms
About the Life of Bees
Transporting Hives
Keeping a Diary